The Ultimate Guide to Eating in: Discover The Taste of Local Food.



Eating in during your holiday doesn’t have to be a mundane experience. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the delightful, traditional food shops and markets that our region has to offer.

Experience the joy of shopping at “proper” shops, and savour the unique and authentic flavours of the local cuisine.


Delight in Traditional High Street Food Shops

Venture into our local towns and immerse yourself in a genuine shopping experience. Browse through the goods at traditional high street food shops, with Leek standing out for its fine selection and dedication to being a totally locally-focused town.


Savour Quality Meat from Local Butchers

Treat yourself to high-quality meat from our exceptional local butchers. The closest Sprinks Farm Shop in Ipstones offers a wide range of products and convenient delivery options, including “Brunch boxes” and groceries. Check their Facebook page for updates, and look forward to their website soon! Other fantastic, locally-run butchers can be found in Cheadle and Leek.


Indulge in Freshly Baked Bread and Traditional Oatcakes

Satisfy your cravings with freshly baked bread from our local bread shops, and don’t miss the opportunity to try traditional oatcakes in Cheadle and Leek. For the best selection, shop in the morning, as these popular items sell out fast. Wrap some delicious, dry-cured bacon in an oatcake, and savour a true taste of the region.


Shop Local for Groceries and More

Find everything you need, from general groceries to newspapers and butcher products, just 1.5 miles away in Ipstones. For a local touch, consider placing a telephone order with Sprinks Farm Shop for grocery delivery (07795 166043).


Experience the Bustling Farmers Markets

If you’re a fan of supermarkets and markets, visit the local towns on market days:

  • Cheadle (small market): Tuesday, Friday, Saturday – 4 miles away
  • Leek (medium size market): Wednesday, and a fine food market on the third Saturday of every month – 9 miles away
  • Ashbourne: Thursdays and Saturdays – 11 miles away, a quick 15-minute drive along the A52


Relax with Takeaway Options

After a day of exploration, unwind with a delicious meal from one of our recommended takeaway spots:

Fish & Chips:

Embrace the joy of eating in during your holiday, and experience the authentic taste of local cuisine. Bon appétit!